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Accessing Moodle online

Accessing Moodle online

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Accessing Moodle online 

We hope that you get the hang of Moodle quickly! It's a pretty straight forward Learning management sysem (LMS). We are here to help if you need any guidance. To assist you we recommend taking the guided tour which you will be prompted to take when first logging on. 

Accessing Moodle with your browser 

You can use your logins on your web or mobile phone browser and get the 'web app' experience. 

Accessing Moodle through the app 

The mobile app is great for accessing offline content and getting notifications, as well as easy access. 

If you want to use the  app, you can download it for iPhone (iOs) or Samsung/ other smart phones (Android) for free here: 

Once you have downloaded it, open it on your phone and then you enter the URL for our site, on the first page, which is:  

To gain access, use the same login details for your Moodle profile.