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Support and help channels

Support and help channels

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We are here to help you! 

To help you all feel supported during this online learning journey, we provide you with several strong support channels for the next seven months. 

Online peer/ community support

There are two main ways you can chat with your fellow participants outside of the technical sessions and our scheduled online chats. 

The Whatsapp group which will come into effect in the first week of the programme. 

Join here: 

By joining this Whatsapp group, you consent to us storing your personal details safely. We will not share or process your information without your consent, and neither should you with anyone else's details, pls. This is in line with DGMT's privacy policy which you can read on the DGMT website .

You can also chat to fellow practitioners via email; you will receive everyone's details in the first week of the programme. 

 Monthly mentorship sessions

You will need to make sure you have booked your slot for your 4-6 week mentorship/ planning sessions using our booking form

Once we have your slots we will send you and your chosen team member calendar invites to your work calendar. 

These sessions take place on Zoom. We always use the same ID, so save it somewhere handy or find it in your meeting invites. 

 Additional one-on-one support

Whenever you need to, you can ask for some more one-on-one time with Emma or Matty. Just set up a call using our email address: You can also Whatsapp us. 

 General queries 


if you have a quick question, you can email Emma and Matty at with any questions about the course – schedules, recordings, access questions, you name it. Response rate: immediate - 12 hours (depending on the time you send the mail)


During office hours: phone support

If you have something urgent come up, you can call Emma on 083 261 8364 or Matty on 082 938 5504, during working hours, Mondays to Fridays. 

During office hours and after hours: Whatsapp support

You can WhatsApp Emma on 083 261 8364 or Matty on 082 938 5504 or message group whenever you need to. In the evening Emma and or Matty may take a while longer to respond; we may wait til the next morning if not too urgent.