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Online campaign challenge

Online campaign challenge

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The online campaign challenge

The online campaign challenge is a small online campaign you will run for your organisation and with us between October and November 2022. You have the chance to come up with a strong idea for a small online campaign, workshop it with your peers on the programme, produce it, publish it and then promote it with paid tools on your chosen platform(s).

The programme team will support you as you try something new! You will have enough time to plan and execute it, so please follow our time guidelines at every stage of your campaign journey.

How does it work?

You will first become familiar with the campaign planning template in your assignment for Module 4.

Then, in September through to end November, you and your organisational team will work through five crucial campaign management stages to bring your campaign into the real world:

  • Ideation – where you come up with your idea
  • Planning – where you complete your campaign plan template with updates from your ideation sessions.
  • Production – where you design, write and produce your content for your campaign.
  • Publishing – where you publish to your chosen platforms
  • Promotion – where you promote your content with your budget from us.
  • Reporting – where you track how your campaign performed and create a simple report.


  • September: ideation/ planning
  • October: planning/ production/ publishing/ promoting
  • November: publishing/ promoting/ reporting

We will update your calendar in August with the big group and small group sessions in September, October and November


  • You will learn how to work with your ideas and content in new ways;
  • You will learn more about your audiences and how they react to your content;
  • You will use tools you may have never used before; and
  • You will see real, positive results from your campaign and meet organisational goals.


We give you a budget to work with! Yay! 


You will have R2000 for production – you can use this for anything you want so long as it's for your campaign: photographs, software, design support, etc.


We will give you R1000 to spend on ads to promote your campaign using ad tools you will become more familiar with on this programme.

Getting your budget

We will need you to create an invoice before the time with your organisation's details so DGMT can send you the full budget in advance. We will give you all the details in advance!


The campaign planning template below. You don't need to start using it until the ideation phase in September.